Liturgy Committee

What is the role of a Liturgy Committee?

Robert Duggan recently wrote an article in the Fall 2001 edition of the newsletter, "Church", in which he described the role of a parish Liturgy Committee. He said: "The Constitution on the Sacred Liturgy (n.14) reminds us that the 'aim above all else' in the reform and renewal of the liturgy is to achieve the 'full, conscious, and active participation of all the faithful' every time the liturgy is celebrated. To the maximum extent possible, every community must do its best to plan, prepare for, choreograph, and celebrate its liturgies in a way -- with a spirit and in a vernacular idiom -- that engages the hearts and minds of parishioners and invites them to worship God -- fully, consciously, and actively."

The Liturgy Committee is also responsible for designing, organizing and hosting all liturgical workshops in the parish, as well as providing assistance, training, and review for all the ministries. The Pastor, Fr. Peter Turrone, also works closely with the members of the Liturgy Committee, and attends all meetings.


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