Newman Centre Strategic Plan

Revised in 2016, the following strategic planning statements are a guide to how we, as a mission at the university, will be focusing our efforts.  We intend to relate everything we do to our overarching goal (the Vision), understanding who we are and our purpose (the Mission), how we will achieve our Vision and Mission (Our Values), and implementing specific objectives to achieve the Vision (Pastoral Directions).


To inspire in every person a spirit of leadership that embodies the integration of faith and intellect, and the mission to share Christ with the world.


Under the patronage of Blessed John Henry Cardinal Newman, the Newman Centre Catholic Mission is a joyful, diverse and inviting university parish.  We provide an open home for everyone to grow in wholeness and holiness. 


  • We foster lifelong personal relationships with Jesus and radiate God’s love
  • We advance Catholic leadership, living to serve the church and the world
  • We encourage intelligent discourse that enriches the heart and mind
  • We create a space for the contributions of young people
  • We support vocational discernment for all
  • We develop peer and intergenerational friendships in community
  • We participate in the pastoral direction of both the Archdiocese of Toronto and Canadian Catholic Campus Ministry 


  1. Renew our commitment to evangelization, catechesis, and faith formation
  2. Encourage a full, conscious, and active participation in the Sacraments
  3. Enhance hospitality at Newman Centre and engage in a visible and active presence on campus
  4. Identify gifts and charisms to empower leadership within the Newman community
  5. Renew social justice outreach ministries
  6. Expand cross-disciplinary partnerships with the university, alumni, and professionals

Our strategic planning team is active to help bring our vision to life.



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