Student Campus Ministers

Now Accepting Applications to the 2014-2015 Student Campus Ministry Team

All Catholic students entering or continuing post-secondary education are invited to consider becoming part of the Student Campus Ministry team at the Newman Centre. You will live in community with other students, witness to your faith through Catholic chaplaincy outreach, participate in the liturgical life at Newman, and be provided with a platform to grow in holiness and develop solid Catholic leadership skills.  Your partially subsidized residence fees include a private room and shared or private bath, food and utilities. 

Interested in learning more about becoming part of our team? Check out our information brochure or Email Erin ( today! 

The application deadline for the Fall/Winter term (September-April) has been extended to July 25.


Student Campus Ministers are an integral component of the Newman Centre's Campus Ministry Initiative. Under the supervision of the Executive Director, Student Campus Ministers are first and foremost part of the Newman Centre Residential Community. This Community is rooted in the Gospel of Jesus Christ, striving to hear and live the Word of God in the Tradition of the Roman Catholic Church. Thus, Student Campus Ministers are bearers of and witnesses to Christ. Our deepest unity and meaning is found in the celebration of the Eucharist, a celebration that does not end with the Mass, but is instead the focal point that invigorates all our activities.

Each member of the Campus Ministry Team plays an important role in the overall campus outreach of the Newman Centre, bringing his or her own unique personality, talents and skills to the community-at-large. This experience also provides the opportunity for a significant deepening and sharing of personal faith (peer ministry), helping others to grow in the process.

In particular, Student Campus Ministers are called to:
Live in Community- The experience of living closely with others often requires setting aside personal preferences, being willing to enter into intentional relationships with everyone in the community regardless of personality preferences, and a sincere willingness to love others in a sacrificial way. A spirit of generosity and willingness to engage in effective conflict resolution are also necessary for healthy community living. 
Serve Others- The main focus of life at Newman is found in relationship with Christ and others, and in communication of the Gospel to the wider university campus. Student Campus Ministers are called to be so full of God’s love that it overflows from them in service of the parish and university community. This requires a spirit of availability, flexibility and willingness to help. 
Grow in Holiness- The main vocation of all Christians is to holiness, which requires a commitment to prayer and the Sacraments. Spiritual growth is also facilitated by growing in self-knowledge and a willingness to both receive formation and to share what is learned with others. 


2013/2014 Student Campus Ministers:

Nathan Fernandes

Hello everyone. I am a second year engineering student at the University of Toronto. After completing my first year of general engineering I will be specializing in Civil Engineering in the year to come. I'm super excited to be part of the SCM team and the Newman Centre's amazing community for the upcoming year. I am very passionate about student ministry and can't wait to contribute to the different groups and events at the Newman Centre. This year my individual ministry will be assembling the Newman Centre's monthly bulletin so be sure to pick up a copy on the first of each month.

I am also a friendly and approachable person who likes to keep himself busy doing many activities. I love the outdoors and cycling on either roads or trails. I also like playing or watching sports and am generally interested in doing either. I can't wait to meet and get to know all of you next year. God Bless!

Alvina D'Souza

Hi everyone =) My name is Alvina D’Souza and I am currently studying Accounting at George Brown College. And yes, I love numbers.  I am an international student from Mumbai, India and have been in Canada for a year now. I come from a loving family of four, as I have one older brother.  I have been living at the Newman Centre since January and feel it is a beautiful home as I really love living here.  My hobbies are singing, dancing and listening to music.

Through the centre and ministry work I have felt an immense growth in my spiritual life. This is my first student ministry in Canada and I am really enjoying it. My personal ministry is “Pray and Play” which takes place every Tuesday from 7:30pm-10:30. Looking forward to meeting you guys at the Newman Centre. God bless!!

Sarah Trudell

Hi everyone!  My name is Sarah Trudell and I am very excited to be living and serving at the Newman Centre this year. 

I come from London, Ontario where my I did my undergraduate degree in Catholic Studies.  I also spent this past year in a lovely little town called Bruno, Saskatchewan at St. Therese School of Faith and Mission.  I am excited to be continuing my studies here in Toronto and this fall I will begin my MA in Theology. 

When I’m not studying I enjoy long walks, reading a good book, meeting new people, and spending time with my family and friends.  My favourite day of the week is Sunday. 

I look forward to meeting you and I hope to see you around the Newman Centre this year.  God bless you!

Evan Belford

Hi Everyone! My name is Evan Belford; I’m a third-year linguistics major at Glendon College, the bilingual campus of York University. Since I’m interested in languages, I’m endeavouring to learn French and Spanish (and hopefully many other languages after those). My other interests include the arts—particularly theatre—and history, and some of my favourite outdoor activities are running, canoeing, and kayaking.

Born and raised in Brampton, Ontario, I come from a practising Catholic family of six; I’m the second of four kids. I originally found a niche in youth ministry, serving in Life Teen ministries, ECYD (the youth division the Regnum Christi movement), and, most recently, in Opus Dei as an English teacher in Spain. However, although I’ve been fairly active in the Church, my spiritual life has not been without its difficulties. The journey of faith has often been filled with doubts, questions, and other trials. But by God’s grace, I have come to a deeper understanding of, and commitment to, my Catholic faith in recent years. By serving at the Newman Centre, I hope to fulfill the call of Christ to “go forth and make disciples of all nations” (Mt 28:19).

I feel immensely blessed to be a student campus minister at the Newman Centre and I’m very excited to take on a new kind of apostolate, shifting my focus from youth ministry to peer ministry. I’m looking forward to a great year with the Newman Community!

Natalie Doummar

Hi everyone! My name is Natalie Doummar and I feel so blessed to be a Student Campus Minister at the Newman Centre this year! I am in my first year of undergraduate studies at St. Michael’s College at U of T, wishing to pursue Concurrent Education to become a high school special needs teacher. My dream is to open schools in developing countries for those with mental and physical exceptionalities and those who cannot afford it.

I was born in Brampton and have lived there all my life… until now! I come from a loving family with one younger sister. I was very involved in my parish and high school in the areas of social justice, environmental protection and catechesis. At church I served as an altar server and lector for many years and worked in the parish office. I love reading, writing, singing and public speaking, I’m a proud vegetarian of nearly two years, and I LOVE travelling and discovering more about different cultures (it all started with a life-changing trip to the Dominican Republic!)

This semester Nathan and I are co-leading Soup and Bagel Lunch every Tuesday from 12:45-2 pm. Come eat some good food for the best price on campus ($3!) and join in wonderful conversation. I can’t wait to get to know you throughout the rest of this year! I guarantee I’ll remember your name :) +JMJ



Karol Czuba

I am a first-year PhD student in Political Science. My academic interests centre on the question of power in agropastoralist and pastoralist societies in East Africa and the Horn. I am intrigued by the ways in which those who possess authority seek to exercise their power to control others and establish legitimacy for their authority, and the ways in which those perceived as powerless react to such actions.

These interests are strongly influenced by my faith and by the interplay between authority and powerlessness in Christ's emptying and relinquishment of His earthly life in preparation for His ultimate victory. I became a Catholic as a graduate student at Oxford and—inspired by His and His many followers' examples—subsequently worked with vulnerable populations in South Sudan and Uganda. I hope that my time at UofT will equip me with a better understanding of the people whom I try to serve, help me to grow in the grace and knowledge of our Lord, and provide me with an opportunity to support others' discovery of the way, the truth and the life

Samuel Klumpenhouwer

Having just returned from a summer of work in Vancouver, I am more than ready to be starting my ministry at Newman and look forward to getting to know many of you. I am also beginning my PhD in Medieval Studies at U of T, but I’m no stranger to the university as my undergraduate studies were alsocompleted here, other than a couple short periods of schooling in Alberta and Saskatchewan.

I come originally from a farm in southwestern Ontario, where I grew up amidst a large family and loving parents. Three years ago I entered the Catholic Church, being confirmed at St. Basil’s, our neighbouring parish. I’ve been blessed ever since by the community here at the university. This year I’ll be blogging for the Newman Centre website, where you can stay tuned to hear more from me.

Daniel Pettipas

Hello everybody! My name is Daniel Pettipas and I am originally from Lower Sackville, Nova Scotia. I have spent the last four years of my life living in beautiful Saskatoon, Saskatchewan, two of which I spent working as a youth ministry coordinator for a local parish. I will miss full time ministry very much as well as the youth whom I am very sad to leave. I look forward to the opportunity that student campus ministry will give me to continue guiding people in their walk of Christian faith, and to fulfill my heart’s greatest desire: to proclaim Christ.

While living in Toronto I will be a full time student at the University of St. Michael’s College pursuing a MA in Theology. I am very excited to continue my studies after a two year hiatus. My previous degree is a BA in Religion and Culture, and I am very excited to jump over into the field of Theology! 

I am a simple man who enjoys a few things a lot. My two primary hobbies are movie watching and board gaming, and I have a lot of fun doing both of these things. If you ever want to play King of Tokyo or watch Mission Impossible, swing by the house. I’m your man!


Tashia Toupin

Hi everybody, I come from the land of the living skies, also known as Saskatchewan.  I started my three-year Masters of Divinity at St. Michael’s University this past September. I decided to further my spiritual, pastoral and faith life by moving to Newman.  I have an undergraduate degree form the University of Regina in Secondary Mathematics Education, two minors in Music and Religious Studies.


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