Student Campus Ministers at the Newman Centre

Student Campus Ministers are an integral component of the Newman Centre's Campus Ministry Initiative. Under the supervision of the Executive Director, Student Campus Ministers are first and foremost part of the Newman Centre Residential Community. This Community is rooted in the Gospel of Jesus Christ, striving to hear and live the Word of God in the Tradition of the Roman Catholic Church. Thus, Student Campus Ministers are bearers of and witnesses to Christ. Our deepest unity and meaning is found in the celebration of the Eucharist, a celebration that does not end with the Mass, but is instead the focal point that invigorates all our activities.

Each member of the Campus Ministry Team plays an important role in the overall campus outreach of the Newman Centre, bringing his or her own unique personality, talents and skills to the community-at-large. This experience also provides the opportunity for a significant deepening and sharing of personal faith (peer ministry), helping others to grow in the process.

In particular, Student Campus Ministers are called to:
Live in Community- The experience of living closely with others often requires setting aside personal preferences, being willing to enter into intentional relationships with everyone in the community regardless of personality preferences, and a sincere willingness to love others in a sacrificial way. A spirit of generosity and willingness to engage in effective conflict resolution are also necessary for healthy community living. 
Serve Others- The main focus of life at Newman is found in relationship with Christ and others, and in communication of the Gospel to the wider university campus. Student Campus Ministers are called to be so full of God’s love that it overflows from them in service of the parish and university community. This requires a spirit of availability, flexibility and willingness to help. 
Grow in Holiness- The main vocation of all Christians is to holiness, which requires a commitment to prayer and the Sacraments. Spiritual growth is also facilitated by growing in self-knowledge and a willingness to both receive formation and to share what is learned with others. 
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Our 2018-2019 Student Campus Ministers:
 My name is Danielle Alvares. I’m currently in the third year of my PhD in Laboratory Medicine and Pathobiology and am based at the SickKids Research Institute. I’m happy to be returning to serve a second year as a Student Campus Minister. Over the past couple of years I have received so many blessings from the Newman community. As an SCM, I’m excited to have the opportunity to demonstrate Christ’s love in service to this amazing community, and to grow in holiness as I continue my studies. 

Greetings, my name is Andrew Brinas and I am entering my final year at the University of Toronto in the Concurrent Teaching Education program, with my qualifications in high school religion and philosophy. 
When I am not hanging around the university campus, you can find me reading a comic book, playing fun board games, or fanboying over all things pertaining to superheroes. 
This upcoming school year, I hope and pray that I am able to share to other students, Christ's immense and personal love for each of them while affirming their missionary identity to go out and share the Good News to all.


My name is Tom Garrick and I am entering the final year of my Master’s degreein Trombone Performance. I completed my undergraduate studies in Music Education at Western University. I am from a small town called Seaforth located in Southwestern Ontario. I was very lucky to find a great community at the Newman Centre last year that really helped me in transitioning to the big city. 
I am excited to give back this year by serving my brothers and sisters in Christ as an SCM. Besides God and playing the trombone, I enjoy hockey and praise and worship music.



My name is Sarah Hanna. This fall, I will be entering the final year of my Master of Teaching program at the University of Toronto, with a focus in learning how to teach high school chemistry and biology. My experience at the Newman Centre during the previous school year was marked by joy, fellowship in Christ, and spiritual growth, which is why I’m excited to serve as a Student Campus Minister for a second year.

In my spare time I like to read, spend time with friends, and volunteer. I look forward to experiencing the love of God through the Newman community.


My name is Sasha Hellwig! I was born and raised in Los Angeles, California, moving to Toronto just over two years ago for university. This fall, I will be starting my third year of undergraduate studies in Christianity and Culture and Teaching at the University of St. Michael’s College. I am blessed to be able to serve for a second year as a Student Campus Minister at the Newman Centre. Since coming to the University of Toronto, Newman has been a spiritual home for me, allowing me to grow in both community and my personal relationship with Christ. I find so much joy living in a Christ-centered community where I can serve Our Lord and witness to the love He has poured out to me.

This year I hope to continually grow in my prayer life and more fully surrender myself to Our Lord, giving a full “yes” to God just as Mary did! 


My name is Jae Yong Lee (Francisco) and I am originally from South Korea, but I grew up in Coquitlam, British Columbia. I completed my undergraduate degree in Cognitive Science at McGill University. I am now a Masterʼs student in Health Informatics at the University of Toronto. I was involved in the Newman Centre of McGill University, so it was a natural transition from Montréal to Toronto and I felt at home when I arrived here.
I hope to contribute in fostering a welcoming community at the Newman Centre. 
In my free time, I enjoy listening to podcasts, going to the gym, and travelling! I look forward to ministering to everyone in the Newman community and to be able to help others in their own faith journey.


My name is Virginia-Ann Mervar and I just completed a five-year program at the University of Toronto receiving a Bachelor of Arts (in Christianity and Culture with minors in English and Philosophy and Bachelor of Education degree) through a concurrent education program at St. Michael’s College. 

This year, I am beginning my Master of Divinity at Regis College. I enjoy coffee, ginger ale, nice stationary, and outdoor adventures! I’m also looking forward to the new adventure of beginning graduate studies and the new experience of living in community, serving in a parish, and helping the Newman Centre continue to bear the witness of Christ on campus.


My name is Collin Pierlott. I was born and raised Catholic in South Jersey, right outside of Philadelphia. I am starting as an MA student at the Centre for Medieval Studies at the University of Toronto, in which I plan to study Medieval liturgical texts. 

Aside from that, I enjoy reading, writing, music, photography, and running. I am excited to have the opportunity of being part of the Newman Centre Student Campus Ministry team.


Hello! My name is Nicole Richard. I originally hail from Winnipeg, MB, but have lived in Toronto since September 2017 while doing my Master’s and now, PhD. I am a Neurologic Music Therapist, and after doing clinical work for a few years after my undergrad, I’m happy to be in grad school for Music and Health Sciences here at U of T. 

When I arrived in Toronto last year, Newman quickly became like my family. I’ve been so inspired and supported in life and in faith by the amazing people here, and so am very excited to continue to contribute to the Newman community as a Student Campus Minister for the coming year. In my free time, I love hanging out with people at Newman, crocheting, traveling, and going swing and salsa dancing!















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