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The Relevance of St. Thomas Aquinas Today - Liam Farrer

The task to which I have been appointed is no easy one, to explain the relevance that St. Thomas Aquinas has for today’s Christian. The obvious temptation in such a situation is to resort to St. Thomas’ theology; however, I shall attempt to avoid this, insomuch as that is possible, given that it was not St. Thomas’ theology that made him a great saint, but, rather, his sanctity that made him a great theologian.

There are clearly many instances within the life of the Angelic Doctor that would serve to edify us, however for the purposes of this reflection, I would like to focus on a series of events which were inarguably the climax of St. Thomas’ earthly life, events which I believe are often misunderstood.

St Thérèse Drops a Rose at Newman

“I’d like it very much if you forgot about becoming a nun and fell madly in love with me, and we got married and had lots of children,” he confessed, getting straight to the point after the 12:15 Mass at Newman, where I’d promised to meet him that memorable day in March 2013. 

The Value of a Catholic Community - Dr. Peter Baltutis

The Value of a Catholic Community - By Peter Baltutis

Pornography and Acedia


Pornography and Acedia


(by Prof. Reinhart Hütter, in First Things, April 2012) 

What your Pastor won't tell you about Parish Giving

What your pastor won’t tell you about parish giving

Our parishes are getting by on too little from too few, but it wouldn’t take much to change that


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