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Y.T.O.L. by Damian Chechlacz

These are the four letters that constitute the acronym for the very Catholic youth movement that radically transformed my life. These four letters symbolize my beginnings in the Catholic faith; these letters are representative of my loftiest spiritual highs as well as my deepest struggles in the faith; they bring to mind my family in Christ, the same friends that walked with me through all the peaks and valleys of my life. YTOL.

Street Patrol - By Idan Bergman, Student Board Member, Hillel University of Toronto

The Torah instructs us to pay special attention to those in our midst who are in need. As Jewish students on campus, we have a responsibility to look beyond our campus community to assist these individuals.

Made for Greatness by Myra Caballero

I started my second university degree and it has been such a whirlwind. Being immersed in such an academically intense environment often gives me tunnel vision with my sights solely fixed on my future career. Every now and then I need someone or something to remove the blinders from my eyes and help me regain perspective on my true priorities. Through the encouragement of my sister and the support of the Newman Centre, I was recently able to attend the CCO’s Rise Up conference in Montreal.

Rise Up Conference by Anne Mienkowski (Student Campus Minister, Newman Centre)

Rise Up is a five-day conference with 700 young Canadians organized by Christian Catholic Outreach(CCO).It includes various Catholic speakers, mass, adoration, reconciliation, free time and a dinner dance to celebrate the New Year. The theme was Made for Greatnessand many of the speakers discussed how God uses our weakness to make him strong and glorify Him and how in Christ’s weakness we are given new life. 

Street Patrol: Experiences That Change Your Heart by Natalie Doummar

Each month before we go outside for Street Patrol, we engage in a discussion on homelessness. One of the most important items we discuss is that of the humanity of each person we encounter, but last month hit me the hardest. On our walk down, a young man in our group noticed a woman sitting on the opposite side of Yonge Street and suggested we cross to offer her some food.


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