Counterpoint (previously Communion and Liberation)

Counterpoint (previously called Communion and Liberation) is a movement in the Church which has the purpose of forming its members in Christianity in order to make them coworkers in the Church’s mission in all areas of society. Members of the group from the University of Toronto participate in a weekly catechesis at 8pm on Thursdays in the Newman Centre. Everyone is welcome to join!

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From a member of Communion and Liberation:

How long have you been involved with Communion and Liberation?

I met the movement in January, 2013 and have been involved for the past 11 months.

If someone asked why should they join what would you say?

The only way I could answer their question is to share my experience with them on how joining the movement has given me an understanding of my faith, and through that they might be intrigued to come and witness to what others experience with their encounter with Christ , and hopefully they will follow and judge their experiences and encounters with Christ.

How does it affect your faith?

Having joined the movement, I have rediscovered the beauty of my relationship with Christ. An awareness has been ignited that makes you look at ordinary things in life with new eyes, you start to seek for Christ in everyone and in everything I have realized that nothing comes close to the love of Christ that fills my wound.

Would you say the movement is focused on youth?

Yes. The movement has three schools of community for different age groups; and our group which meets at the Newman Center is the University group. So our meetings are tailored towards students. This allows for us to share in the common factor of the strife we face as students and how we encounter God at the university and in our studies.

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