The Value of a Catholic Community - Dr. Peter Baltutis

The Value of a Catholic Community - By Peter Baltutis

Catholicism For Me

By Annie Dang

I began taking a serious look at the Catholic faith at the beginning of September 2012. (I suppose if I trust my boyfriend’s judgment and opinion on many things, I can also trust him on something that he believes so strongly. He is clearly a guy of good taste after all *wink*.)

What is Adventure?

By Lizzy Carnogursky

What is adventure? defines it as “an exciting or very unusual experience,” or “a risky undertaking of unknown outcome.” To many, it is a journey to other lands involving a mission and danger. We tend to think of “action/adventure” movies like Around the World in 80 Days or any of the Indiana Jones movies. A part of me still thinks all adventures look like these, but another part of me is learning that’s not entirely true.

A little bit of personal history: my family has traveled around a lot, mostly on business. I was born in Canada, but lived in California, Slovakia, Romania, Hungary, and even Nigeria for a short while. I didn’t think my life was “adventurous” until enough people told me that’s what they thought of it. To me, it was just my life. However, now I’m back in Canada, living a “normal” student life, and in the moments when I miss life abroad, I ask myself “Am I still adventurous? What is it that makes me adventurous when my life doesn’t seem so anymore?”

Is being adventurous dependent on having adventures?

Reflection on Newman Toronto Centennial

By Bruno Mariani

On June 9, 2013 the Newman Centre celebrated its 100th Anniversary. On that joyful Sunday a festivity took place to gather the community in thanksgiving to the deeds that God has done for us so far, and to bring us to realize the rich past that Newman Club Toronto has. Its memorable history and uniqueness was also brought up during interviews conducted with parishioners and visitors.

On Community

By Hailey

I grew up in a small town, in rural Alberta, with many churches scattered along the prairie countryside. The majority of the churches in this area were built by early settlers, most of whom had come from Ukraine or Poland, between 1891 and 1920.

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